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Your Gateway Solution

Having immediate and constant access to accurate information about YOUR property is one of the key benefits that the MYP service offers. It then needs to be kept up to date!

To simplify how this information is made available to you and the members of your Resident Management Company, we have designed our Gateway to bring you important information on two different levels:

  1. Firstly, by logging into the Gateway portal, you are able to access some information specific to your property, and understand a range of general guidelines that will help you to understand in greater detail the regulatory obligations that you are expected to comply with as a RMC Director.
  2. Like all UK company directors there are certain fiduciary duties that form your commitment in delivering n this essential role. The Gateway will also guide you by providing details of how the MYP service helps you to avoid the risk of non-compliance.

The second level is by providing you with direct access to the confidential MYP Document Store.

This unique facility provides you with a secure place to store all of the vital regulatory information that is needed to manage your property.

  1. The document Store can handle annual returns, company accounts, health and safety information, plant operation manuals, and all other essential documents.
  2. It can handle all file types, so photographs and drawings can equally easily be stored and shared.
  3. It will also give you a source of revenue when individual properties in your block are being sold; as conveyancing solicitors can be given access to relevant documents for a period of time to complete their pre-sale enquiries, for a fee payable to your management company.

In order to protect the confidentiality of your information, the MYP Gateway will require you to set up a unique login and password, like many other secure online services. Consequently you can be confident that your important information can only be accessed by those who have been authorised to see it.

How to Join the Gateway