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Your Next Step

By choosing to become a user of the My Property website you will be able to access a wide range of valuable information and services.

Let’s assume that you are a Director of an RMC or RTM with authority to sign up for the My Property Gateway Solution. How can we give you enough further information to be quite certain about our offer and the intended benefits for your property?

Firstly, our offering … signing up to become a client of My Property will entitle you to access to a password-protected personalised My Property Portal ( you provide information about your property, together with a picture);

  1. In your personalised and confidential Property portal – The Gateway – we delve deeper into the important information that our member Directors require. Through it, you gain access to a range of generic, useful information provided by My Property.
  2. Here we provide links to official and other property interest sites that will feed current and new and relevant information.
  3. Here you can see comment on Legal updates, and new Statutes and Case Law as it evolves.
  4. Our Partners will also be providing useful updates, from their view of current aspects of the property sector.
  5. And … through the Portal you can gain access to your own Property Document Store.

Secondly, a key part of your personalised Gateway is the Property Document Store, a structured single place for all your Property Documents.

Here Directors effectively manage, and share all the information necessary to efficiently run and maintain their property and grounds. We provide you with a personalised My Property Document Store, with a pre-prepared comprehensive folder structure. Access is restricted by Username and Password to Directors, and their invited guests such as other Leaseholders. Partners participate confidentially in their specialised areas.

  1. The Document Store is where we provide a whole range of official and useful forms that you will need from time to time to undertake a host of different property activities. No more need to go looking for that obscure form, or needing to create one!
  2. It also offers Directors the option to download letter templates making it easier to report, request and maintain information relating to the property.
  3. The Document Store security model also means it is possible for Directors to generate revenue by safely sharing confidential property information with external third parties such as solicitors or conveyancers – for payment of a fee – and without any need to print and mail large envelopes full of relevant information.

The Document Store notifies all folder users when a new document is placed in a folder in the store.

Because this is more secure and more manageable than email traffic, it creates a host of extra benefits. We support your sharing activities – confidentially.

  1. You link with our back-office Accounting team, who will maintain your Service Charge records and provide Budget updates.
  2. And also link with our back-office Company Secretariat service that will provide your Director and Member updates to Companies House, and post Annual Returns on your behalf.
  3. As soon as the Document Store is live, Directors can start uploading any relevant current or historical documents that they wish. No limits.
  4. Our Partners will also be posting their forms for your different property requirements in here.
  5. An audit trail of document and user activity is also available.

Eliminate the confusion and the inefficiencies of sharing outdated information! Go to a single transparent source of information, and build up the history in your very own Property Document Store. Let other people know what is going on through your Notifications to them.

How to Join the Gateway