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Join the Gateway

Of course we want to make it as easy and quick as possible for you to join the MYProperty Gateway Solution.

We provide you with a Take-On form that needs to be completed and sent directly to MYProperty, so that we can accurately set up your Property information in our Co-Sec and Accounting support operations, and open up a Property Document Store for your immediate use.

By the very nature of this exercise, the more complete the information you can provide, the quicker and easier it will be to achieve this! A valuable side benefit of completing the forms is that the exercise also acts as a form of check-list for you and may trigger you to resolve to find that missing piece of information, or to make sure that you action an outstanding task.

This is how you join …

To become one of our Gateway Clients, please print off the Take-on/Checklist PDF form, complete the details that are requested, and sign where indicated.

Click to download Take-on/Checklist PDF form

Work your way through to complete it as fully as possible. It is separated into logical sections, and not all questions will necessarily apply to your unique property. The more complete the information we can obtain from you at this stage, the easier it will be for MYProperty to support your various management, accounting, director and reporting activities.

In the form you can also list other Directors and Leaseholders that you wish to allow to have access to the Property Document Store. They will be able to able to see and download different folders of information based on their different roles.

Once the form has been fully completed, please mail it (together with your First Year fee cheque) to the address shown on the form.

Our response …

We will immediately acknowledge receipt of the completed Property papers using the email address you provide. Provision of your Property Document Store will be completed within 5 working days. We will also provide you with a direct contact number to help ensure that any queries from either party can be swiftly resolved. You will then receive an emailed Gateway Invitation from MYProperty as a confirmation that our set-up work has been completed.

Once you register and login (you choose your own Username and Password), the Property Document Store itself, together with the full range of MYProperty information sources, library of forms, network contacts, partner information and quotations; will be fully available and accessible to you.

The better the information you provide, the quicker your Property Portal and Document Store will be available for your use!