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Regulatory compliance is a huge challenge for an RMC or RTM Director.

The use of a secure document handling facility will mean that you maintain evidence of the activities undertaken in managing your property.

We help RMC and RTM Directors to share important property information with each other easily. It is placed in a single, easy, secure location. There is a pre-prepared folder structure into which all relevant and confidential property documents can be placed, and each time a new document is placed into a folder, all users of that folder are sent an email notification. We also keep an important audit-trail of document actions.

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Permissions control the information that Users can access, so Directors can share information with Leaseholders, Partners, other residents, and even external third parties.

My Property Partners are also able to file property documents that they have generated into their part of the same folder structure. This includes Proposal and Certificates created by insurance brokers, Budgets and Annual Accounts from accountants, and reports and guidance from surveyors, lawyers, and other experts who you choose to work for and with you.

The Property Document Store also holds a “library” of the important official forms that Directors will need to manage a property efficiently. This will be constantly updated and revised as new forms become available. It also holds useful general purpose forms for normal activities.

The My Property Document Store is Internet-based.

Access to, uploading new information, and sharing information can take place from any computer, anywhere, at any time. Our Property Document Store allows Partners to correctly file documents on your behalf, simplifying and reducing the filing chore. It speeds and improves communications between Directors, and other users, and helps to minimise the risk of important documents being lost or misplaced over time as company directors change. You can build up your store of documents over time without any limit on document numbers to create your own history.

The My Property Document Store is secure.

The Document Property Store has been rigorously tested by significant specialist bodies to ensure its confidentiality. The system is resilient and reliable, yet very easy to use. Your data is stored safely only on UK servers, and regularly backed-up to ensure its integrity. To date our only down-time has been planned upgrades on an overnight basis. High level organisations use exactly the same system for their confidential and corporate needs.