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Manage your Property finances – easily …

The Gateway offers a complete process, and additional support to help you establish your Budget, collect the Income, and finalise the annual set of Accounts.

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  1. Each service charge year starts with the creation of your Budget, available as a template in the Document Store. Once completed and uploaded, it triggers the Gateway Accounts team to produce the demands for you to print out and issue to your leaseholders. You can also download the correct s153 notices that must be served with the demands.

You control your Income and Expenditure.

During the year service charge money is collected and banked into your bank account.

  1. You use the Document Store to inform the Accounts team who has paid what, and when, and they do the rest. Contractors are paid using your cheque book, when you want. Uploading a Payment form to the Document Store keeps the Accounts team informed. (And if you do need to instruct Solicitors to deal with slow or awkward leaseholders, we do have a known and trusted Firm on our Partners page.)
  2. At the end of each quarter you will be able to view the Budget. This will show any leaseholders who are in arrears with their service charge, and compare actual against planned expenditure. If you need to issue chase correspondence you can do so using the standard template letters provided in the Document Store.

At the end of each year, your auditor can access the information directly in the Document Store.

Alternatively you can print off the information, and mail it out.

  1. Once the final accounts have been produced, you inform us as to how any deficit or surplus should be treated; either demanded or set against reserves; and the system will produce the necessary invoices for you to print and send to leaseholders to link with their copies of the Year End Accounts.
  2. Should you be interested in appointing a new Accountant/Auditor, we have a known and trusted partner who will provide an estimate (the request form is in the Document Store too).