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The Property Document Store, and our connection with a professional Insurance Broker, will help to ensure that the property is properly insured and covered for all liabilities.

We can help you to have appropriate, competitive and comprehensive Insurance in place.

The My Property Document Store has a dedicated structured folder area to store your Insurance information and Certificates.

  1. my property insuranceThe Store holds Request forms for all types of insurance
  2. Once a Request form has been downloaded, completed, and uploaded to the appropriate folder the Document Store notifies the Insurance broker to action that request
  3. Once the Proposal has been generated by the Broker, it is placed into the appropriate folder in the specific Property Document store, and this in turn notifies the Directors that the Proposal is there, and available to be considered
  4. If acceptable, the Broker will then transact the deal and place the Schedule and Certificates into the correct folder in the Property Document Store, filing it on behalf of the Directors

Even managing an Insurance Claim can be made easier …

  1. If an Insurance claim is necessary, both parties can use the Document Store as a confidential shared central place for document exchange
  2. The initial claim, subsequent inspections, agreements, quotations for work, progress schedules, project management, and other relevant information can all be stored and shared here
  3. Other brokers and insurance companies are available! Their electronic and mailed documents can be uploaded into the Property Store by Directors

Our Insurance partner will offer help and guidance, and topical comment on market matters within the Portal. The Document Store will hold Certificates, Schedules, Insurance requests, Proposals and any Claims documents, and help Directors to build up a coherent and comprehensive historical record of Insurance matters over time.

All your Insurance aspects – held in one secure, shared place.