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Manage all your Property Documents – effectively …

manage your property documentsManaging your block effectively requires access and sharing of a lot of documents and information. The Gateway Document Store arranges those documents in an easy-to-navigate system, similar to an electronic filing cabinet.

Once your Document Store is set up directors can access all relevant property information, contracts and specifications such as cleaning and gardening. It can also help to organise one- off major works such as exterior or interior decorations. One major benefit of this single document location is that all directors are sharing the same information rather than different versions!

The Document Store holds templates regarding typical property and garden specifications. Download the templates, amend them, and then use them to tender your own on-going contracts such as cleaning and gardening.

When major works are being planned, it is a statutory requirement that the correct forms are served on leaseholders. The Document Store provides a simple-to-use process for following all 3 steps in this Section 20 procedure, to help ensure compliance.

When you do require assistance from qualified professionals such as building surveyors, you will be able to connect with our recognised Partners for their help, advice and quotations.